Tax Services for our Clients

The Secure Encrypted Client Portal aides in uploading tax documents & information to complete your tax return- to our office- from your home. Also, try the new TaxesToGo App below for uploading your tax return info, through your mobile device.

"You worked hard for it, and we'll help you keep it. Together, we can make your money work hard for what you value most in life."

*Individual Tax Planning & Preparation (Federal and State)

*Business Tax Planning & Preparation (Federal and State)

*Notary Services (No Charge for Clients)

*Offer in Compromise, Amendments, Extensions, etc... 

*IRS Direct Deposit or Check Mailed at NO COST but also have Bank Products for those clients wanting to deduct tax prep fees from their refund. (This product is NOT a loan. Additional BANK FEES do apply -- see location for details.)

*Complimentary Tax & Financial Planning Services Available

*Ask about Audit Protection (3 years of coverage with representation by Enrolled Agents and CPAs)

*Convenient Upload Portal or Taxes To Go App for remote location tax preparation

  • PDF Vault: Offsite storage of tax returns. This allows you to have access to a copy of your return from anywhere that you have internet access. Remember to provide your email address, at the time of tax preparation, on the data sheet.

  • Check refund status anytime. We have online access for you to check your return status as well as bank product status (if applicable) anytime. Check from any web browser including web enabled mobile devices.

  • Convenient drop off service for clients: Drop off your tax documents, and we will prepare your return for you while you work, go grocery shopping, or whatever you choose to do with your busy schedule.

  • We can download your W2 information, if your employer participates and uses ADP or TALX. Have your return completed before they even mail your W2. (check the link at the top for w2 download)

Introducing Taxes To Go!

Download The App Now!

Download today from the App Store or Google Play to begin. 

You Don't even have to enter the office with this app. It will send all of your information to our software and it is super easy. for more info.